Known as the “windows to the soul,” the eyes are often the first place to betray one’s age and collagen degradation, photo-exposure, and environmental pollutants accelerate the aging process. Because the delicate skin around the eyes constantly under siege, it is essential to take extra care in protecting and nurturing this sensitive skin.


Rich in nutrients and skin firming agents, our nourishing eye cream is deeply hydrating and very concentrated. Along with nutrient rich plant oils, our carefully infused raw honey and nourishing goat milk it also contains unique complex of skin specific actives including probiotics, green tea, pomegranate, caffeine and anise extracts that helps reduce the signs of aging around the eyes including the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, while toning the skin for a more youthful and rejuvenated look.


1oz/28g Glass jar

Eye Cream


    Apply an amount the size of a grain of rice to each eye area and press in gently.  Take care not to stretch the delicate skin around the eyes. Can be used AM and PM.



  • *Lavender Distillate (regenerative effect on fragiles skin; cooling, soothing) *Bulgarian Rose Water (encourages blood flow, tones & soothes) *Aloe Vera (soothes, hydrates, tones)  *Fair Trade Shea Butter (protective, locks in hydration) Goat Milk  (boosts moisturization; nourishes, balances & soothes troubled skin *Rosehip Seed Oil (smoothes, softens, reparing) *Jojoba (easily absorbed noursing, balancing)  *Evening Primrose Oil (supports collagen structure, protective, smoothes) Hemisqualane-Olive (natural emollient that helps protect sensitive skin) *Olive based emulsifying Wax (emulsifies oil and water phases) *Fennel & *Lavender infused Farmfresh Raw Honey, (helps bind moisture & nutrient dense. Helps firm & tone) *Caffeine Extract (skin specific active that helps constrict blood vessels & helps reduce inflammation & puffiness) Probiotic (Lactobacillus) Ferment (helps reduce appearance of dark circles)  *Green Tea extract (powerful antioxidant that helps protect from enviromental damage)  High Molecular weight Pomegranate Carbohydrates (tightens & lifts helping with appearances of sagging & wrinkles)  *Anise Extract,(active that helps address wrinkles)  Rosehip CO2 (helps improve elasticity & regenerate skin cells) Sodium Lactate (naturally occuring humuctant, lightens) GMO Free Vitamin E (antioxidant) Silvérion (Natural preservative) Essential Oils (.5%) *Fennel (detoxifying, soothing, tonic)  Blue Chamomile- Roman (anti-inflammatory; protects from free radical damage; relaxing, calming) *Cypress (decongests - helping reduce discoloration & puffiness)

    *Organic ingredients

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