Our Eco friendly, natural alternative to store bought shampoo!

Formulated slightly differently than our regular goat milk soap (hair and skin have different needs) our Natural Shampoo Bars still contain lots of nourishing fresh goat milk along with carefully selected organic herbs and oils to not only clean but nourish your hair and scalp. Try each variety and see which one suits you and your hair best!

Peppermint Goat Milk Shampoo Bar

  • If you are new to using our Shampoo Bar it often takes a bit for your hair to adjust - anything from a few days to a week or so and the key is not to use too much. You can either work the bar directly into your scalp and down the hair shaft or work a lather in your hands and then apply to your hair and scalp - try both and see which works for you. For some people (depending a lot on your water type) they just simply don't work and in which case they still are an excellent shaving soap! The game changer for me was adding an apple cider vinegar rinse although my husband dosen't find this step necessary. I took an old cleaned empty shampoo bottle and made a rinse of approximately 1/4c- 1/2c  apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water and keep this in the shower. After applying the shampoo and rinsing that well I add the vinegar rinse and work that into my scalp and hair before rinsing it out well. This adds further cleansing and balancing pH treatment for the hair and the acidic nature  helps exfoliate dry flakes from your scalp, remove unwanted residue and helps boost shine and manageability.

  • *Canola Oil (high in conditioning Oleic, linoleic & linolenic acids yet 'lightweight' for the hair) *Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (cleansing & balancing; helps exfoliates dry scalp, reduces buildup, boosts shine) *Coconut Oil (a powerful cleansing oil; deeply conditions & combats dandruff)  *Castor Oil (repairing, conditioning) *Cocoa Butter (richly moisturizing & conditioning yet not 'heavy') Goat Milk Powder (hydrating, nourishing) *Sunflower Oil (improves scalp health, stimulates hair growth, adds softness & shine) Sodium Hydroxide/Lye (a strong alkaline that creates a chemical reaction and saponifies the lipids into soap and is no longer present in the cured bar) *Peppermint Essential Oil (powerhouse of nutrients; antiseptic; antimicrobial properties, help relieve dry itchy scalp, combats dandruff & stimulates hair growth) *Bergamot Essential Oil (good for dry damaged hair. Promotes growth & protects against oxidative stress. Helps with buildup. Conditioning)

    *Organic ingredients

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