Uplifting ~ Invigorating ~ Energizing

A unique, luxurious, skin softening combination of farmfresh raw beeswax, rich butters and plant oils to create a rich, deeply  moisturizing 'lotion' that is solid at room temperature but melts on contact with warm skin!

Easy to carry with you in a portable re-usable tin and perfect for very dry hands and skin that needs a little extra TLC troughout the day.  


1.25oz/35g Reusable tin

Peppermint - Eucalyptus Body Butter Bar

  • Hold in your hands for the warmth of your skin to release the nourishing oils and work in well. Use throughout the day, especially after washing your hands.

    Use post shower, when your skin is still warm and damp to seal in moisture and deliver nutrients and oils for silky soft skin. 

    Carry with you in the easy portable, re usable tin!

  • *cold pressed unrefined Hemp seed oil (replenishing, deeply penetrating, good for oily, troubled and sensitive skin and gives the beautiful natural green hue to the bar)  Farmfresh Raw Beeswax (draws moisture to the skin & seals it in yet allows the skin to breathe; softens & rehydrates dry skin) *Shea Butter (deeply nourishing; protective) *Mango Butter (protects from enviromental stressor, soothes, moisturizing)  Isopropyl Myristate (an emollient that helps strenthen skins natural moisture barrier which helps it stay hydrated by reducing moisture loss. Gives a non greasy feel) Cetyl Alcohol (natural fatty alcohol from coconut oil that hydrates and softens to reduce irritation, cracking and peeling)  Energizing blend of  Pure Essential Oils: *Peppermint (anti-microbial, stimulating, engergising, detoxifying) *Eucalyptus - Radiata (purifying, cleansing, clarifying, immune boosting) *Rosemary -ct verbenone (clears congestion & eases muscle tension; uplifts and gently calms) *Lavender (helps reduce pain, soothing; helps relieve anxiety & stress) *Sweet Marjoram (muscle spasms, minor pain & inflammation; comforts, warms & calms)

    *Organic Ingredients

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