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A rich,  organic oil serum for dry and/or mature skin that specifically address the signs of ageing and the special needs of more mature skin. This serum is packed with skin supporting actives, nutrient dense organic herbs and botanicals, many of which we grow on our farm. Hand harvested and carefully dried we use them to create our fine organic herbal infused oils that deeply nourish, restore and support. 

Luxury Face Oil

  • Apply after toner to freshly cleansed damp skin, morning and evening before applying moisturizer.

  • Organic Rosehip Seed Oil (rich in Omega 3,6 & Vit A & F for skin regeneration, repair & healing) Organic Apricot  Kernel Oil (nourishing, emollient for dry sensitive skin) Organic Chia Seed Oil (rich in Omega 3 to reduce inflammation, dryness & increase circulation) Organic Raspberry Seed (moisturizing, occlusive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, products from sun damage) Prickly Pear Fruit Oil (stimulates healthy cell production & turnover) Organic Argan Oil (protects from sun damage, moisturising, soothing, anti aging, treats acne)  Organic Avocado Olive (amazing oil for hydrating, skin tone & renewal; helps repair outer lipid barrier) Olive Squalane (boosts cell regeneration & oxygenation) Organic Evening Primrose Oil (supports colagen & elastin structure, rejuvenates & vitalizes dry dull skin) Organic herbal infusion of *Calendula (soothing) *Uva Ursi (pigmentation) *Alfalfa (oxygenating) *Linden leaf & flower (balancing) *Meadowsweet (clears pores) Organic sunflower lecithin (natural emulsifier) Coenzyme Q10 (skin repair, regenerating)  D'orientine (date seed for fine lines/wrinkles) Collageneer (firmness, elasticity) Vitamin E (GMO free anti oxidant) Rosemary Extract (anti oxidant) Skin specific Essential Oils (less than 1%) Pure Rose Otto (helps hydrate dry skin, helps clear acne, anti aging properties, minimizes appearance of scars. Aromatherapy benefits: anxiety, depression, helps reduce stress, stimulate circulation, sharpen memory & boost mood)) Wild Lavender (anti inflammatory properties; soothing irritated skin from sun, insect bites, bacteria. Aromatherapy benefits: anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, depression, headaches, & pain) Galbanum (healing, decreases scarring. Helps skin keep smooth, shining and free from infections. Aromatherapy benefits: helps deal with trauma, shock & depression) Neroli (said to reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, benefit oily skin, aging skin & diminish scars & wrinkles. Aromatherapy benefits: enhances mood, revitalizes mind, antidepressant)  Bergamot FCF (non photosensitizing. cool, refreshing. Good for oily & acne prone skin. Aromatherapy benefits: anxiety, stress & depression) Carrot Seed Oil (toning, detoxifies, helps stimulate cell growth & tissue, antioxidant. Aromatherapy benefit: helps relieve stress & anxiety. Refreshes) Frankincense (Boswellia serrata. Anti inflammatory & rejuvenating. helps reverse UV damage, evens blemishes & skin tone. Strengthens & improves skin health.  Myrrh (antibacterial; wounds, infections, sores. Astringent properties help strengthen skin cells)


    *grown holistically without chemicals on our farm