The nutrient rich formulation in our Nail and Cuticle oil addresses daily damage from excessive cold, chlorine, hand washing and harsh detergents. Botanical oils are infused with organic lavender and rosemary from our farm, and fortified with therapeutic essential oils. Natural sources of vitamins D and E,  Omega 3, Omega 6 and Essential Fatty Acids act to restore and enhance nail growth and flexibility as well as softening, which aids in cuticle health.

Nail and Cuticle Treatment Serum -10ml

  • Each evening, wash hands with our moisturizing goat milk soap. Dry hands and apply a small drop to each nail. Massage in well paying particular attention to the nail bed and cuticle area.  Follow with our nourishing Hand Cream, allowing the oils to penetrate well and gently nourish whilst you sleep!

  • Organic Baobab Oil (rich in amino acids that add hydrating properties and help strengthen nails) Organic Jojoba (very readily absorbed into damaged cuticle roots and strengthens weak nails) Organic Avocado Oil (high in Fatty Acids and Vitamin E; rich & nourishing) Organic Sweet Almond Oilsoftens & protect cuticles, keeps nails strong and hydrated) Organic Hemp Seed Oil (natural antifungal properties; strengthens & repairs  Organic Coconut Oil (also anti fungal. Promotes nail strength and cuticle hydration & repair) Flax Seed Oil (High in Omega 3 boosts nail growth & speeds healing of hang nails. Vitamin E (dry brittle nails & helps soften cuticles whilst adding antioxidant properties)




    Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils: Rosemary (improves blood circulation to nails) Lemon (helps with yellowing. Aids shine) Ho Wood (reduces inflammation & helps improve circulation) Carrot Seed (regenerative properties aid in deeply moisturizing nails and cuticles)


    Herbal Infusions: Farm grown Lavender and Rosemary  infused into these botanical oils further aid in moisturizing and strengthening the nails and cuticles whilst fighting bacteria & germs.

    Naturally gluten free.


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