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Llightweight, super charged with high performance actives, this replenishing Goat Milk Face Cream is especially formulated to support dry, sensitive & mature skin, but also suitable for all skin types.


Quench & nurture your skin with this lightweight, hydrating face cream. Quickly absorbed and never greasy, designed to deliver ultimate hydration and help repair skin’s natural lipid barrier. This gentle cream will nurture & nourish to create a soft, healthy glow.


Day Créme

  • Use daily after cleansing & toning. Can layer after a serum, if desired.

    Gently massage with your fingertips in upward movements into face, neck, and décolletage.

  • *Lavender & *Chamomile Distillates (hydrating & calming) *Aloe Vera (soothing & calming) Goat Milk (restores & balances lipid barrier, reduces signs of inflammation) *Mango Butter (rich in nourishing fatty acids that soothe, protect & moisturize) *Avocado Oil (cell regenerating, deeply hydrates, conditions) Vegetable Emulsifying Wax (helps thicken & stabilize) *Lavender infused local Farmfresh Raw Honey (reduces scarring & promotes tissue growth), Silvérion (natural preservative that protects from mold and bacteria)

    *Organic Ingredients

    Pure Essential Oils: *Lavender (calms, soothes, renews. Releives anxiety & stress)  *Chamomile - Blue (soothes. Helps reduce redness & blemishes, evens skin tone, lightens) Neroli (rejuvenates; intensly moisturizes & boosts cell regeneration, calms)  Rose (excellent emollient properties; balancing, uplifting) Galbanum (dextoxifying, rejuvenating; helps revive tired dry skin and aid skill cell renewal) Wild Carrot Seed - Queen Anne’s Lace - (high levels of antioxidants that support skin health & cell regeneration. Earthy, grounding) *Frankincense (strengthens skin health; helps reduce scar tissue. Calms. Bergamot FCF (antibacterial; helps stimulate & regenerate skin cells for dull complexions & even skin tone; soothes, calms)

    *organic ingredients

    High Performance Actives & Extracts:

    CoEnzyme Q10 (helps regenerate & boost skin repair & damaging effects of UV light) Sodium Hyaluronate (naturally found in the body, attracts & binds water to the skin helping it keep hydrated & moisturized. Aids in plumping, smoothing & softening) Alpaflor Gigawhite (skin lightener developed from Alpine Flowers, helps reduce age spots & evens skin tone) Collageneer (Organic Lupine seed extract; stimulates synthesis of high quality collagen to increase elasticity & firmness) Anise seed protein extract (relaxes fine lines; purifying) Allantoin (stimulates healthy tissue formation, soothing)

    Silk Amino Acid (promotes healthy barrier function, rejuvenates skin tone)

    Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 – a vital nutrient for the skin for hydration, pore refinement, hyperpigmentation) Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5 – penetrating hydration, improves barrier function, soothes)