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A lightweight Goat Milk Lotion formulated to meet the needs of most skin types.  Goat milk is known to help reduce visible signs of inflammation and restore balance to the lip barrier. The natural milk proteins in goat milk provide deep hydration along with abundant vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin. With extracts of wild rose, farm fresh raw honey along with skin supporting essential oils to help protect against free radical and environmental damage as well as regenerating and moisturizing the skin.


2 oz/56g Airless pump 

Wild Rose Goat Milk Lotion

  • use post shower to add essential hydration and protective moisturization.

    May need to ‘prime the pump’ with the first use – just pump until lotion is dispensed and then each subsequent use will dispense with the first pump!

  • *Bulgarian Rose Water (hydrates, revitalizes, smoothes & tones) Distilled Water (added hydration) Goat Milk (moisturizing, softening, rejuvenating) *Aloe Vera (soothing, cooling) *Shea Butter (moisturizing, protective,helps lesson blemishes) *Safflower Oil (promotes healthy glow; non clogging) *Bulgarian Rose Wax (rich & soothing ) Emulsifying Wax (natural vegetable based to emulsify oil and water) Vegetable Glycerin (helps seal in moisture) Farm Fresh Raw Honey (rich in vitamins, enzymes & amino acids that help speed healing and regeneration of skin & soft tissue) Rose Absolute (emollient, anti ageing and moisturizing), Silvérion (Natural, synthetic free preservative that protects against the growth of mold and bacteria) Vit E (non GMO anti oxidant)