A soothing, softening Goat Milk Soak for hardworking weary feet - the first step towards happy healthy feet! With detoxifying Epsom Salts, soothing Goat Milk and nourishing Honey and refreshing, uplifting essential oils, your feet will thank you!


Goat Milk and Honey Foot Soak

  • Add 2-4 tablespoons to a bowl of warm water big enough to accommodate both feet comfortably. Swish to dissolve and disperse.  A handful of smooth pebbles are nice in the bottom of your bowl so you can roll your feet back and forth across them whilst they are soaking.

    Dry feet and exfoliate with our Foot Scrub and then return to the water to wash off the scrub before adding the Herbal Foot Balm.

  • Epsom Salts (reduces inflamation, eases muscle tension & cramps, soothes) Hymalian Mineral Salt (cleanses and blanaces, drawing out toxins) Goat Milk Powder (rejuvenates & exfoliates with lactic acid, softening and moisturizing) *Peppermint Leaves 

    Pure Essential Oils: *Peppermint (invigorating, cooling) *Spearmint (cleansing, uplifting) *Pine needle (enhances circulation & anti fungal) *Vitiver (Grounding)

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