Our 'Gentle' formula; no baking soda and no coconut oil -  but still goes to bat for you to neutralize underarm odor with gentle clays, probiotics and effective balancing essential oils of Wild Orange and Geranium!



Geranium & Wild Orange Deodorant - plus free travel size!

  • *Cocoa Butter (keeps skin hydrated)  *Babbasu Oil (anti-microbial moisturizer) *Mango Butter (non greasy soothing) *Jojoba (non staining; antibacterial) Farm Fresh Raw Beeswax (protective barrier) Arrowroot Powder (helps absorb toxins & moisture) Kaolin Clay (helps absorb moisture & toxins) Magnesium Stearate (helps absorb odor & smooth applicaton) Pure Essential Oils: Wild Sweet Orange (uplifting) *Geranium (antibacterial; hormone balancer) Silverion (antimicrobial) *Probiotics (helps balance & promote good bacteria)

  • Gently apply a thin even layer (1-2 swipes) as needed. Do not over-apply!

    Our deodorants are not antiperspirants! They address body odor at its root but don't stop you sweating - sweating is good for you and is one of the body’s way of eliminating toxins. You may find in really hot humid weather, and in stressful situations that you may have to apply more than once although I find this rarely necessary.


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