A natural, non stripping toner and skin conditioning tonic designed to restore the ph of the skin after cleansing whilst maintaining the moisture balance. Gently clears the pores of impurities with carefully selected botanicals and herbs to aid in reducing blemishes, oily, and hormonal skin conditions.


Suitable for oily congested breakout prone skin.

Clarifying Toner & Tonic 1.25 fl oz Glass mister

  • Spritz freshly cleansed damp face and wipe off excess. Or apply with saturated organic cotton ball. Can also be used on back and chest. Follow with moisturizer.

  • *Witch Hazel Distillate (soothing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory) infused Organic herbs;  *Sage (decongesting) *Lavender (soothing) *Mint (gentle astringent) *Rosemary (tones) *Thyme (antiseptic)

    *Rosemary Distillate (high in antioxidants, tones oily congested skin)

    *Bulgarian Rose Water (soothing, cleansing, hydrating) *White Willow Bark Extract (a natural, deeply penetrating alpha hydroxyl acid which helps unclog pores and control excess oil) Local Raw Honey (rich in vitamins, enzymes & amino acids, speeds healing and promotes tissue growth, absorbs impurities) *Leucidal (lactobacillus ferment, probiotic & natural preservative) *Gigawhite (Swiss Alpine herbal extract to help reduce acne scarring and dark spots) Hyaluronic acid (naturally found in skin tissue but diminishes with age – HA attracts & binds water to the skin help keeping it hydrated & moisturized)

    * Organic Ingredients

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