Richly hydrating, deeply nourishing goat milk cream with added beeswax and shea butter! With farm grown calendula and organic essential oils that is soothe, refine,  and uplift. Suitable for all skin types, especially beneficial for very dry, troubled and irritated skin. 


2 oz/56g sustainable, reusable glass jar

Calendula and Wild Orange Goat Milk Cream

  • *Aloe Vera (naturally lifts, hydrating) Distilled Water (hydration) Goat Milk (brightens, nourishes, minimizes fine lines & wrinkles) *Safflower Oil (moisturizing, soothing, non comedognic) *Shea Butter (softening, richly moisturizing) Emulsifying Wax (binds the oil and water together) Local Farm Beeswax & Raw Honey (protects & moisturizes) *Calendula Extract (helps chapped, dry, irritated damaged skin) Silverion (natural preservative to prevent mold and bacteria) Pure Essential Oils (skin supporting at less than 1%) Wild Sweet Orange (Uplifts, brightens) Bergamot FCF (refines pores) Carrot Seed (stimulates growth of new cells & tissue) Cardamon (helps protect from enviromental & UV damage) Myrrh (helps strenthen skin cells, antibacterial)

    *Organically sourced Ingredients



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