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Our Tea lights are great for  versatility, affordability, and convenience - whether setting the mood around the dinner table, a relaxing soak in the bathtub, a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, or even as a back-up light in an emergency kit, no home should be without them!  Our tea lights are  made of 100% pure beeswax and burn with a clean, long burn that is smoke-free, and creates a warm natural glow with a pleasant natural honey aroma that will delight your senses, uplift your mood and help purify the air. Our tealights are environmentally-friendly, individually handmade with all natural 100% natural beeswax and have cotton, zinc free wicks. Our 100% pure beeswax tealights are self-trimming, designed to fully liquify and are best burned in one continuous lighting. Do not burn on a heat sensitive surface and place in appropriate tea light burner. 

Each tea light comes in a readily recyclable aluminum cup which can be refilled.

Beeswax Tealight Candles

  • About beeswax

    Beeswax is an all natural, hypo allergenic, and the only natural candle wax that does not require dedicated land use – it is a by-product of the honey and food pollination industries. Once called the wax of royalty, in times past it was only affordable for the very wealthy. In medieval times it was used as a form of currency and today still retains that royal aura; from our hives to your home!

    When compared to other waxes, beeswax naturally burns cleaner, brighter, hotter, and longer than most choices, is completely natural and does not require chemical processing or additives to enhance these properties. With an inherently pleasant but gentle honey aroma, beeswax is the perfect choice for the eco-friendly home.

    Beeswax is secreted by honey bees from their abdomens in the form of thin scales. Honey bees use the beeswax to build honeycomb cells in which the young are raised and honey and pollen are stored. Approximately eight pounds of honey is consumed by bees to produce one pound of beeswax! Estimates are that bees fly 150,000 miles to yield this one pound of beeswax and collect pollen from 2 million blooms. When we extract the honey, we cut or scrape off the wax caps from each honeycomb cell before placing the frames in the spinner to extract the honey. The wax collected is cleaned and used in our candles and skin care. The color varies from yellowish-white to brownish depending on the age and the type of flowers gathered by the bees. Wax from the brood comb of the honey bee hive tends to be darker than wax from the fresh honeycomb.