Our Story

On our small family farm in Camargo IL, we are committed to raising our goats, honeybees and botanicals naturally, ethically and holistically. Each ingredient in our products begins in a pasture, hedgerow, field or forest, not a factory. Any ingredient that we are unable to grow ourselves is sourced from other Midwest farms and organic fair trade suppliers  around the world. The essential oils used in our products are tested and of the highest therapeutic grade providing an unparalleled benefit to our clients



Queen Anne’s Lace is a very hands on business. Beeswax, honey, goat milk and botanicals for our products are grown and harvested by hand on our farm.  Each product is formulated and refined by me, in my garage turned lab!. We then package each product by hand in environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging before shipping to you, our wonderful customers around the world


What began almost 20 years ago as a stall in a local farmers market, selling candles from our beeswax and soap, using milk from our goats, has been researched and refined to become the farm-to-face skincare line we offer today.


It is our desire to create a unique and luxurious skincare experience using only the best that nature has to offer from the roots up!

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